Great Breads have Bad Grammar.

“plan #b” breads are made
With just three ingredients,
And six adjectives.

Any attempt to journey in the direction of perfection requires simplification – of things and process; concepts and ideas. And it takes a lot of courage, a dogged determination, and an obsession towards a purpose to simplify things. At 5x Foods, we decided to never compromise on health and strive for great taste. With such a goal, as we experimented, it became obvious to us that every ingredient we add to a recipe increases the difficulty of achieving the health-taste harmony not by a factor of 1 but by a factor of 10. So we decided to keep the ingredients to the absolute minimum:

Just Wheat, Water and Salt.

This simplicity forced us, and also challenged and inspired us to discover the science of health and the art of taste. They informed us over many kilos of wheat flour that pretty much every solid and subtle variable affected its health and taste.

The shape and size of the dough; the room temperature; the specific yeast variant in our kitchen; the precise ratio of flour, water and salt; the variety of wheat and in which season it was harvested; how it is powdered and at what speed; how the flour is hand-mixed… these comprise the science of health of the bread.

Being true to our values and never give in to temptations; endless iteration to arrive at the magical harmony; humility to adopt a beginner’s mind before every bread making session; courage to be creative in cooperating with nature; and compassion towards the environment, all species, our customers and ourselves… these comprise the art of taste of the bread.

All of these results in bad grammar. We end up making breads that can be described only by flouting one of the golden rules of good writing: to avoid adjectives, and if that is not possible, restrict to using just one before any noun. “plan #b” bread cannot be described by following this advise.

This bread can honestly be described only with six adjectives:

Organic, Fiber-Rich, Ancient-Emmer, Home-Ground, Whole-Wheat, Gourmet Bread.

Thus far we have shared what this bread is. What it is not is whole post by itself.

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