Keep the Bakeries, Change the Food.

Bakery, bakery everywhere,
Not a slice to eat!

Coimbatore is a district of bakeries. There is one probably every five hundred meters, even in its villages. They are a blessing in so many ways. Whether it is a hot day or a rainy day; a challenging or stressful day; on a long ride or for an ad hoc meeting; or simply hanging out with family and friends, bakeries are the number one refuge. In an otherwise polluted and unclean district, relatively speaking, bakeries are cleaner, well lit, and offer prompt service. They define the landscape of the district and are deeply embedded in the mindscape of its residents. But… Ah, there is always a ‘but’.

Pretty much most aspects of the bakeries in Coimbatore are a blessing. Except what they serve you to eat. And that is most unfortunate. If you make a list of all the ingredients that doctors keep asking their patients to avoid or minimize; that parents wish to protect their kids from, you’d find every one of them used in these bakeries: processed white sugar; homogenized, pasteurized, chilled and heated milk; heavy usage of margarine, oil and salt; harmful preservatives and other chemicals in the packed snacks; and the most ubiquitous and dangerous one of them all – Maida or super refined white flour that is devoid of vital nutrients or fiber that is present in over 90% of food in the bakeries. What’s more, bakeries use only these ingredients as if their explicit intention is to directly attack its customer’s health. It is safe to bet that bakery owners would not allow themselves or their family members and kids to regularly eat from their own bakeries. Of course it is not intentional, it is simply business.

We believe this situation can be changed. We need these bakeries because the psychological and social purpose they serve are as much or more important than the snack-break they offer. There is a way to serve them to make an organic shift to food that is tasty and health. It begins with two kinds of people who keep a bakery alive: consumers and producers.

We appeal to both consumers and producers to try 5x Foods. Even if you initially do not perceive them to be as tasty as the bakery foods, we can assure you that they are 100% healthy. Which means, with consistent collaboration, it is possible to bridge the taste gap. We are certainly not interested in growing into a large business and make tons of profits. We are most willing to share all our knowledge and practices as a gift. And are willing to work with anyone wanting to create a perfect blend of health and taste.

Explore how you can engage with us as a consumer or a producer.

We dream of a day when Coimbatore’s bakeries become sanctuaries of health and spaces of meaningful and joyful commune.

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