5X foods launches “plan #b”

5X foods launches “plan #b”

We believe that the kitchen is the life-center of a family. No matter how attractive and convenient eating out or ordering-in is, plan #a for food should always be a home-cooked meal. However, if you are tired, we humbly suggest an option that sits in between home-cooking and outsourcing: “plan #b”

plan #b is an organic, whole wheat, home-made sourdough bread that makes zero compromise on taste or health. Currently, it is available in two variants:

Artisanal Loaves


Order by Saturday. Pick-up or get delivered on Monday evening.

WhastsApp number: 95005 42986

Pickup location:
5x Foods, 113/4A, Ramasamy Nagar II,
Next to Amritha Vidyalayam,
Nallampalyam road, Koundampalayam,

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