Seeded Sourdough Batard



Baked in a wood fired oven, our whole grain wheat sourdough breads are made with only 3 ingredients.

  • Flour
  • Water
  • rock Salt

The whole grain wheat flour is milled fresh for every bake. The seeded breads have Cucumber, Pumpkin, Sunflower and Watermelon seeds inside and on the loaf.

Hearth breads: The batards (oblong shaped) are baked directly on the hearth (floor) of the oven. The outer surface of the bread, the crust is harder and has a leathery feel. The hardening and browning of the crust is attributed to the maillard reaction between the proteins and the reducing sugars on the surface of the dough that is subjected to high temperatures. This gives the crust an intense flavour than the inside of the bread – the crumb. The crumb is firm and relatively softer. As one chews well and eats, a wider taste and flavour is experienced.

Available on pre-orders.

Additional information

Regular Seeded Batard

600 grams

Small Seeded Batard

400 grams

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